Car Upholstery Repair in Glendale, AZ

Has your car’s interior suffered from wear and tear over the years? Did you have an accident that damaged your car’s insides? Rely on Automotive Cosmetic Repair Specialist for expert car interior repair in Glendale, AZ.

Our Car Interior Repair Services

We can handle a wide range of car interior repairs. Let us know if you want:

  • Car upholstery repair: Auto accidents, rain, pets, food, drinks, and smoking can all damage a car’s upholstery. We can make it look like new.
  • Dash crack repair: Do you have a crack on your dashboard? We can repair that and make your dashboard look nice again.
  • Leather and vinyl repair: Leather and vinyl can provide your car with elegance. Let us give your car the class it deserves.
  • Fabric repairs: Car fabric can tear and stain from years of wear and tear. We can make your car fabric shine again.
  • Interior trim panel crack or scuff repair: Does your interior trim panel have a crack or scuff? We can fix that!
  • Carpet repair or replacement: Don’t settle for a dingy-looking carpet. Rest your feet on beautiful, new carpet!
  • Headliner repair or replacement: If the headliner in your car’s ceiling is damaged in any way, let our experts transform it to like-new condition.

You don’t have to drive around in a damaged or tired-looking car interior. Just turn to Automotive Cosmetic Repair Specialist for transformative car interior repair.

Our Auto Interior Repair Company

Whatever service you receive from us, you can rely on experienced, quality work. We offer over 30 years of experience to handle any challenging damage that comes our way. We accept the work that other shops have turned away.

Call us at 602-920-5312 for whatever aspect of car interior repair you need us to do. We also welcome visitors to our shop.